The galjoot Zuilen, around 1660; de Jong, Johann 2014: 14.

A small galjoot of 80t that arrived in the East in 1654, and was lost in 1660 N of Makassar.  The vessel apparently belonged to van Dam en Truytman’s fleet bound to attack the city, but had strayed too far N, eventually stranding, supposedly, on one of the numerous reefs N of the island of Salemo.

image004The sources available to me give no further details than the note that on June 15 ‘news were received that the Boterbloem was lost in the bay of Tanette and that her crew, 21 men, by the king [of Makassar]’s people were detained there.  [The Dutch peace negotiators] demanded that the king should immediately send to Tanette, not far from Makassar, orders that the crew should be freed.  A couple of days later that was fulfilled; 2 young sailors, who had become moors [i.e., embraced Islam], did not return’ (van Dam van Isselt, W.E.1908: ‘Mr. Johan van Dam en zijne tuchtiging van Makassar in 1660’. Bijdragen tot de Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde van Nederlandsch-Indie 60: 23; cf. here).

chart boterbloem

Unfortunately the event is not mentioned in the ‘History of Tanete’, a local historiography (see Basrah Ginsing 2002: Sejarah Kerajaan Tanete. Barru, Makassar: Samajaya; Niemann, G.K. 1883: Geschiedenis van Tanete. ‘sGravenhage: Martinus Nijhoff) – hence we are missing the local opinion on the affair … .

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