I had hoped that modern web-builders, be they free, could produce a chart with links … but either I’m too stupid to do this, or they allow for such things only if you pay for it.  Hence, the ships’ stories in the links below … .

Aardenburg – BoterbloemDelft – Donkervliet Fleet of Five Ships lost on Sagori ReefGeitGiessenburg – Huis te ZilversteinHulst KleverskerkeLeeuwerikLeeuwin – Maarsseveen – Nieuwendam Noordbeek – OtterPurmerland – RijksdorpSchellag – Walvis – Zierikzee

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‘Arrival of the Kattendijk at Texel’, Ludolf Backhuysen, 1702

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  1. Please keep me informed! I recieved a PhD on “Navigating through Technology: Technology and the Dutch East India Company VOC in the eighteenth century” which is concerned with maaters of shipdesign and shipbuilding, health and route finding. See researchnet under Johan de Jong to find the full text


  2. This historical approach is so refreshing. I wish you would attend the Natali Pearson webinar tomorrow on Indonesia’s Shipwreck Policies from the Indonesian Heritage Society.


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